Hello World!

Welcome to the first of many news posts from our shinny new website. This is where we'll keep all our cocktail loving peeps up to date with everything B&T.

This week we will be featuring a few new and tasty dishes to compliment our regular food menu and add a little twist to your choices. Remember next week, we'll have all new features!

Lucky 8 dish

"Typhoon tofu"

Crisp Silken Tofu covered with Scallions,Garlic, Jalapeno, 8 spiced Salt, Red Chili, Orange Ponzu and Thyme Toasted Noble Bread Crumbs finished with Kumquat slices, for an amazing pop!

Late Night Charlie (available 11:30pm -1:30am each night we're open.)

"BBQ Pork Frankie”
Griddled Roti "Scallion Cake Style" Paratha topped with Grilled Korean Pork & smothered with Tikka Marsala, Cucumber Mint Raita, Mango Chutney, Sour Red Onion and Cilantro. 

High Spirited Cupcakes this week presents.......

"WorldCup Cakes!"

This week we have a Brazilian Cachaça based cupcake using Novo Fogo Organic Cachaça topped with a delicious Passion fruit French butter cream topping.

Every week we'll bring you a different spirited inspired cupcakes available every Tuesday starting at 4pm. While supplies last!!

Top Tips

Keep an eye on our events page or our other social outlets so we can keep you updated on times we might be closed for private parties or events. Hey, the next one could be yours!