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What a couple of months! We launched our new cocktail menu that we've been working on since December. Threw a great party during Phoenix Comicon, inspired by our cocktail menu with the lovely folks at Bulldog Gin and Campari. Then joined up with the amazing food writer of the Arizona Republic, Dominic Armato to do some Daring Dining. Followed by raising a glass and money for Halo no kill shelter located here in Phoenix. To top that all off we also got some lovely nods from a few friends telling us that we are doing something right. 

Cheers to that!


Cocktail Menus and dreams

The new cocktail menu is a colorfully journey illustrated via 24-pages to help titillate our guests palate and imagination. It also boasts a retro arcade vibe thanks to 8-bit-inspired, video game artwork by illustrator, Matt Andrews. Just as last year’s edition was a tip of the hat to vintage sci-fi, we wanted to carry on our love of retro pop culture. So this year’s Book o’ Cocktails is a salute to old school video games and a throwback to 8-bit technology. Layout and extra design was done by friend and DJ YKnot Tony Jensen, while editorial was done by yours truly. And final printing was tasked to our friends over at O'Neil Printing.

8-Bitters Party during #PhxCC

Phoenix Comicon this year was bigger than ever and was a complete blast. So to join in the festivities we rocked out a great 8-Bitter party with Bulldog gin, Campari and Appleton Rum with superstar guest bartender for the night Anthony Pullen! There were prizes, cocktails, great music and we decked the crap out of the place to look amazing. Amazeballz pictures by Lisa Olson & Ash Ponders

Negroni Week 2016 for the Kittens & Puppies

Another year of Negroni week and another round of great bars all over the world raising money for great causes. Ours was the Halo no kill shelter located here in Phoenix. See what else was going on around the valley with Christina Barrueta picks of her nine "Places to Celebrate the Negroni" check out her full story HERE

photo credit by Chanelle Sinclair @Iamchanelle

Dining if you Dare

For the entire month of June,  Chef Bob Tam has joined up with the Arizona Republic and food critic Dominic Armato todo a special menu as part of the Daring Dining series. Tam wanted to show diners something closer to himself “The Chinese Neighbor is meant to be more personal to me,” Tam says. “I’m not cooking for the bar. There’s something personal to every single dish on that menu.” Check out all the details HERE. Pop on by during June to try the dishes.

High Spirited Cupcake 'Magic Monkey Piña Colada'

The 'Magic Monkey Piña Colada' is a house infused charred pineapple rum and coconut cake with a Banks rum glaze topped with a Banks rum and pineapple French buttercream. Finished with house dehydrates pineapples. Keep the dream this week, while supplies last!

Photo Jun 14, 10 35 22 AM.jpg

Oh and holyshit, this also happened!

Not only were we "Selected" as part of World'sBestBars.com 2016 selection of world's best bars!!! We also just went got shortlisted for "Best American High Volume Cocktail Bar" at this year's Tales of the Cocktail

This is an unbelievable honor for being selected for both of these and a first time ever for Arizona! A big thank you goes out to our amazing guests, hardworking team and everyone else that helped get us this far!

Big Love, ‪

The B&T Team