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The time is fast approaching to get those office party plans together and to sort out where you're taking the fam when they come to town for the holidays. Boy do we have you covered with everything from new food items to helping your party ideas go big!
Plus, Nowait's got a new partner with Yelp, Adele is coming back to town and one of our near and dear industry friends, Ben Reed, is sharing the inside scoop on the cocktail world.

Cheers to that!

Party Time

Need a space to host your office party with the best cocktails and bites in town? Reach out to us at events@bitterandtwistedaz.com with details and we'll help you plan your perfect seasonal gathering whether you plan to party with 2 of your favorite people or 150 of your closest friends. We can do anything from a tailored welcome punch to a unique customized cocktail menu for you and your colleagues.

Bob's At It Again

Bob is back in the kitchen adding extra bar bites to our menu to tantalize your taste buds. Savor these snacks while you and your friends sip the night away, all while taking in downtown Phoenix.

"Chilin Salad"
(chilindrina) veggie “chicharron”, mozzarella, cucumber, avocado, crema pickled red onion, corn and valetina cheese.

"Sichuanese Wings"
Six hot or numbing wings tossed in a triple chili mix, scallion, garlic, sichuan sauce, carrots, celery and sesame ranch.

"Schlitz Brisket Naan Sandwich"
Schlitz infused corned beef, cotija pico de gallo, green chili guac and twisted tapatio sauce.

"Hong Kong Teapot De Creme"
finished with an Ovaltine whip and zen pearls.

Sign Language

Ever wonder who helped us create our awesome sign hanging outside the door on Jefferson & Central? It was Tempe-based Blue Media and they do amazing local and national projects right here in the valley. If you want to get the word out on a project of your own, these are your guys to get the job done. Check out their spectacular array of projects over on their website by clicking HERE.

Wait A Minute

A new partnership between Nowait and Yelp is aiming to save you time and get you into the bar on busy nights easier than ever before. Yelp announced it's investing $8 million in Nowait, an app that allows users to virtually "get in line" at venues to drastically cut back the amount of time spent waiting at the door or in a line for a table. Fun fact, Nowait is currently used by more than 4,000 casual-dining restaurants and bars across the U.S.

So get in line with either app today.

"THEE" Ben Reed

Ben Reed has been part of the London cocktail scene, by bar standards, for a very very long time. Whether you’ve heard of him or not, the chances are high that he’s been a part of your night out in one way or another. It could be through the drinks he’s created, or the bartenders he’s influenced.

Ben's passion and personality shine so bright, it can only be matched by his knowledge and understanding of the cocktail world. On his website Cocktail Credentials, he takes you on a journey through the cocktail looking glass to show you both sides of the bar, introducing you to the most unique and eclectic types of personas.

"Cocktail Credentials is an adventure into something new and different; a passport into the lives of fascinating people from both sides of the bar. Ben Reed, Global Cocktail Ambassador and leading light in the generation that defined UK Bar Culture, gets beneath the surface and investigates... " Enjoy by CLICKING HERE

Rumor Has It Adele's Returning To Phoenix


Adele will say Hello to Phoenix once again on Monday, November 21st and to celebrate her rescheduled show we’ll be open and ready for the concert crowd. Normally we’re closed Sunday & Monday, but for Adele, I think we'll make an exception and open our doors from 4 p.m. to midnight.

For The Early Birds

2017 is coming in fast and we’re giving exclusive early bird reservations to our newsletter subscribers. While everyone else is procrastinating their plans, you can book your night and guarantee yourself the coolest ticket in town to ring in the new year!

Just like years previous we promise you one of the best NYE experiences you can get for the price. We won’t overcrowd the bar, you’ll have a table or bar seat for the entire night and bubbles will be very present. You'll most definitely have a glass in your hand at midnight and a fantastic stress-free time with your friends. Cheers to that!

CLICK HERE to submit a booking form today

PLEASE NOTE - We will start reaching back to everyone in the order we received your booking form after December 1st. This way you can all enjoy your turkey and black Friday shopping while discussing your big night more with friends.  By November 30th you’ll be hot to trot and ready to confirm when we reach back out to you in December.

A somber note


At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day
Of the eleventh month
We stand for two minutes of silence
To honor our fallen, our daughters and sons.

They went off to war, to places unknown
They knew not what they'd face
They knew not if they'd return
But they went bravely, to keep our home safe.

Please bow your head for two minutes
For those men and women so brave
It's only two minutes for them on this day
But it's their whole lives for us that they gave.

Big Love, ‪

The B&T Team