Hi All,

Summer is so close to being over, I'm sure we can almost taste it! Six months of glorious weather is nearly upon us and we can't wait. We're going into season full steam ahead with some amazing things coming up, so stay tuned. With that said - we have some great news to talk about today as well, so let's begin.....

New Food Items

Earlier this month Bob was at it again with his burgers and came out with something to rival the infamous Ramen "Momo" Burger. A beef and pork patty is moulded together, cooked to perfection and placed on a crispy english muffin with toppings of white american cheese, caramelized onions and jalapeno mayo. It's then served with a side of sichuan pickled veggies and dumpling dipping sauce. These are all combined to create the brand new and lip licking tasty "Dragon" Dumpling burger!

We also have a great new salad named after the historic building in which we are housed. The Luhrs Salad is a great mix of crispy noodles, butter lettuce, Avocado, jicama, fresh orange pieces dressed in a sesame japanese caesar inspired dressing. Our green side salad has also had an upgrade with it's new look and white soy dressing.

The B&T (Burger & Tipple) Menu

This September, shake up the traditional burger & beer with Bitter & Twisted’s craveable new B&T (Burger & Tipple) Menu. Offered nightly from now through the end of September, enjoy your choice of B&T’s famed Ramen “Momo” Burger (named to Thrillist.com’s 10 best list) or the all-new “Dragon” Dumpling Burger, paired with your choice of dozens of handcrafted cocktails, and house-made dessert such as “Campfire” Marshmallows or Lemon “Stay-Puft” Pie all for only $29. ++

Behind The Cocktail

If you haven't caught our fun little video series "THE B&T COCKTAIL SERIES" on our YouTube channel here you go! This time we are featuring our videos "Par-levels" and "The B&T Cocktail Series #4 The Tommy's Margarita."

Since opening B&T over a year ago we have strived to do something really special when it comes to cocktails in downtown Phoenix. We wanted to create a one of a kind bar experience you can't get anywhere else. So with a video budget of zero dollars and an iPhone we set to the task of producing this little number.

This month marks the 50th year anniversary of Tommy's restaurant in San Francisco. The home of not only the TOMMY'S Margarita, but Julio 'Tequila Legend' Bermejo and his wonderful family. Julio has taken this cocktail literally around the world. And I'm pretty sure there isn't a city shaking cocktails where this drink is not being slung.

Biting Ice

Last month Bite Magazine delved deep into our ice program and with the amazing skills of writer Bruce Farr and photographer Mark Lipczynski they both managed to bring a great show and tell piece to life.
  click on the image to read the full story via www.readbite.com


click on the image to read the full story via www.readbite.com

Something To Remember Us By

Right now we have our brand new T's for sale at the bar in ladies and mens sizes showcasing our new menu art. We'll try and get them up on our online store soon but as of right now we're off-line and sale is only available at the bar. 

Sharing's Caring

We wanted to start sharing within our newletter some cool things going on about the valley that you might not know about. This time we would love to draw attention some of our personal picks for top photographers around town that we have had the pleasure of working with over the last year and a bit. Debby WolvosGrace Stufkosky  and Carl Schultz who have all taken many a great shot at the bar from time to time. And as you can see, all produce a one of a kind style and beauty within each of their shots.

That's all for this outing gang.

Big Love,

The B&T Team.

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