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So that ComicCon thing was pretty dope! What a great event for downtown Phoenix, everyone was getting into the spirit of the event including the B&T team by hosting the "Villain's Ball."

Also great news about everyone enquiring about B&T gift cards and lots more to discuss within.


So in a nutshell to celebrate ComicCon coming to town we went all out on Thursday by hosting "The Villain's Ball" from 8pm - 2am. We turned the bar into the perfect place for evil beings to hang out with the help from our friends from Jameson, Powers and Olmeca Tequila. As you can tell from the pictures below we had a InSaNe time! Fun was had by all and with the help of a specially created malevolent cocktail menu and villainous decoration, we ran with it through the whole weekend. Coverage also by our friends at the AZ Republic.


Got someone in your life that has everything and wants nothing?! Someone impossible to shop for? Well do we have some great news for you. You can now guarantee your friends and family to #DrinkBetter when get them a B&T gift card. Available at the bar during business hours or online right here, right now on our website.


Well we're half way through #NegroniWeek raising money with the help of the global initiative setup by Campari to help bars around the world as they are  raise awareness of their chosen local charities and raise money by getting guests to drink an old school cocktail called a Negroni (equal parts sweet vermouth, gin, Campari.) Our charity of choice is HALO a local no kill animal shelter right here in the valley helping our furry friends get a second chance in life.

Click the picture to be taken to the fox 10 segment

Click the picture to be taken to the fox 10 segment


If you haven't caught our fun little video series "THE B&T COCKTAIL SERIES" on our YouTube channel here you go! More videos will be coming soon so please feel free to subscribe to our channel to keep up to date.

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We wanted to start sharing within our newletter some cool things going on about the valley that you might not know about. This week we are showcasing our friend Eddie Garcia's radio show "The Cocktail Hour."  On the show Eddie talks to local industry professionals and delves into everything from the BOH to the FOH in his once a week broadcast.The great news is, now you can listen to him online and or catch some of his older shows in the archive section.

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