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It's been a crazy month, with Superbowl and Arizona Cocktail Week it's been kind of hard to come up and grab a breath. But we survived and here we are working on our new cocktail menu for 2015. See you on the other side.

We got to spend some quality time with the gang from Phoenix Magazine and help out on the March Cocktail edition. They really done a great job getting some valley wide talent together to help out on it and sharing some of their amazing cocktail know-how on stuff you can use in your home bar. Run out now and snag your copy today. 

The week of the cocktail

Cocktail Week was a blast as always and everyone got to hang out with our favorite bar peeps from around the country.

The Top Bars in America was pretty dang amazing with such great establishments locally and nationally represented all under one roof. Attendees got to cherry pick the best of the best and get a great cocktail by some of their bucket list cocktail bars from around the US. 

Well done Brittany Wangness from Colorado for taking the win over our very own Timothy "this is how you spell his name" Lafever Jr.  in the final round to become the 2015 Last Slinger Standing!!

Thanks again to everyone that traveled through rain and snow to get here and help make such a great event possible!


Remember a few newsletters ago I said I would share on how to make our large format ice? Well Phoenix magazine's has come to the rescue and they put this little how-to video together for you. It's a little cowboy but you'll get the jist. Note - Don't do this at home. " I have to say that, it's america after all." And definitely don't look up at a camera when someone asks you to when you have a big fuck'in saw in your hand for carving ice!

Photo courtesy of Phoenix Magazine


Points to Note

  • Use filtered water, your ice will be only as good as the water you put into it.
  • Before cutting the ice into smaller pieces, let it sweat for around 20 mins til it becomes clear after bringing it out of the freezer. This make it easier to cut and work with.
  • Make sure you cut the ice on a stable surface. We used mats because it looked better for the shoot, but it's not the best option for keeping the ice secure. Clean non-slip matting works well and is easy to get a hold of.
  • No ice saw? Use a long straight bread knife.

World Best Bars

This month we were very humbled to be added to a site I have long respected since the early 2000's as a one stop shop for the globe trotting thirsty traveler. www.worldsbestbars.com. They featured a story about  "Cocktail cities on the rise" here's the jist ...."You’ve heard about the secret speakeasies of New York and the swanky cocktail bars of Chicago, but the super cool spot in Austin that cuts its own ice in a backyard shed? Probably not. It’s a spirited time in the United States, and serious libations have come to cities near and far. Today we’re taking a break from the old standards and celebrating the up-and-coming towns that are breaking out the shakers and giving drinkers new reasons to travel." Read the full story HERE

This is the first time Phoenix has been featured in Worlds Best Bars, but I am certain it definitely will not be the last.


The B&T Team