Hello All,

Well, here we are again! December is upon us and the party season has arrived. Everyone wants to celebrate so if we do have a party or two booking us out, we'll paste it up on our website and social media. So this month, please do check'em before venturing down to the bar to avoid disappointment.

Repeal Day Approaches! 

Help us celebrate the repeal of the 18th Amendment; the silly notion that banning alcohol was the greatest idea since the invention of sliced bread. Join us this Friday 12/4/15 at midnight for a champagne toast. 

This will be the 2nd time there has been a repeal party in this iconic building that once housed the prohibition offices for the State. So dust off those  flapper dresses ladies and get ready to drop your inhibitions like they dropped the 18th amendment.

Where : The old prohibition building downtown Phoenix AKA Bitter & Twisted.

When : December 4th with a Midnight celebration ringing in "Repeal Day."

Dress : 1920-30's dress is encouraged

NYE done right. Again.

We are now accepting bookings for our 1920's masquerade inspired hassle-free New Years Eve.
Hate the crowds on the biggest amateur night of the year? Want to hit the town with your friends and have a great time all night? Tired of going to NYE events and it taking 45 mins to get a drink?
Us too! So we promise just like last year to give you a great time while not packing the place like it's a Walmart on black Friday.


We ♥ Liquor.com

Well that wasn't bad day! Last month Liqour.com called out Bitter & Twisted as being one of the best bars in the Country. I'm soooooo proud of my team and all the effort and hours they put into the bar, even before we open the doors each day, and I'm so glad it shows!

Everyone is over the moon to even be considered, nevermind being the first bar ever in Arizona to make it on such a list (And I'm sure, we won't be the last.). We're so honored to be in such amazing company and joining so many great bars from around the states.
Thank you again Liquor.com and all the judges for your consideration. 

Check out the full list, HERE.

Now with all that said, I've to get back to making some frozen water or something...

Big Love,

The B&T Team.