With the coming change of season it's my pleasure to announce our brand new iPhone 6!......Whoops.......Sorry, wrong newsletter!

It's my pleasure to announce our brand new food menu with several new items for your  #FoodPorn viewing pleasure!! Don't be sad if some of your favorite items disappear. The most popular will return.

As the bar that keeps giving we have an added bonus for all our newsletter subscribers and social media fans this week. We've come out with our very own secret menu of cocktails and food items not available to the general public.....Well, they just have to know about it and you guys are the first in the loop with your very own sneak peek.





We plan to update this cocktail menu throughout the year testing out new possible cocktails for the next big cocktail menu change or just having some fun with it all.


 "Can I Haz S'more"

A Four Roses Bourbon chocolate cake with a graham cracker crust, bourbon chocolate ganache and a toasted marshmallow meringue frosting.

Every week we'll bring you a different cocktail inspired cupcake available every Tuesday starting at 4pm. While supplies last!!

NICE ICE....Coming Soon

#Spoilers......In other awesome news:

In the following weeks or so I'm going to do a step by step or how-to if you will on how we make our house made Titanic ice blocks so you can all make them yourself! That's right we're going to tell you how to make our sexy clear ice without the need for the expensive clinebell devices, perfect for any small to mid-sized commercial bar or any spirit loving enthusiasts home bar. 

Big Love,

Ross & the B&T Team!