Well That Was Fun!

Let us start by saying that was a hell of a repeal party  last week! Thanks to everyone that came out dressed to the nines and Beam and the New times for their support. We actually think this was the first prohibition repeal midnight party in the United states to actually be hosted in an old prohibition office and that's AWESOME! #Irony

We're already looking forward to next years event! Thanks to Lisa Olson for the photography.

Our 2014 Not Yelp approved advent Calendar 

We just wanted to thank everyone that has visited and supported us over the last 7 months, we have been truly blown away!
As a small token of our thanks please enjoy this little gem. We have put together a selection of Bitter&Twisted's greatest hits on YELP 2014. The following from real yelp reviews.....no really we couldn't make some of this stuff up if we tried. 


Click here to view our 2014 interactive Advent Calendar 

No matter what you decide to do this holiday season have a great & safe time.

Big Love!

Your B&T Team.